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Signature is hiring for the kitchen and front-of-house. If you have experience, energy and an excellent work ethic, please submit your information.

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Anticipation and appetite will be satisfied at Signature, inspired by Chef Andrew Weissman, on the grounds of La Cantera Resort & Spa. Signature opened with a focus on classic dishes that the award-winning chef says, “…may seem familiar, but the first bite will surprise with unexpected flavors and ingredients. Signature’s going to make a big difference in the city’s culinary scene.”

A Sense of Place

The re-designed vintage building supports and enhances Weissman’s culinary vision with a refined/rugged environment designed to welcome you into a gracious aesthetic, enriched and relaxed by honest Hill Country spirit. Like Weissman’s food, the interior design is authentic and timeless with some unconventional notes to intrigue and charm. The food-focused style continues outdoors with vine-covered pergolas and landscaping with native plants, lavender and rosemary, which are part of a large herb garden providing fresh flavors to the kitchen.

“Signature’s cuisine is grounded in my upbringing here in San Antonio, by my training in Europe and by what I like to eat. It starts on a personal level and expands and evolves to include dishes that people come back for and ask for.”

— Chef Andrew Weissman